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Your co-pilot is here. Your online store from start to finish.

Alcohol is a highly regulated industry. Our dedicated team will walk you through each step and ensure that your eCommerce website is fully compliant. This way, once you are ready to launch your online store, you’ll be ready for take-off.

1. Legal Compliance
Provide Documentation

To ensure that our partners are doing everything right, we will ask for proof to verify your status as a retailer or producer.

For retailers: We'll ask for a photocopy of your liquor license.

For Producers: If you are just starting out or simply not yet ready to sell online, we can still build an amazing website for your brand to showcase your bottles (without any licenses). Ready to start selling direct-to-consumer? We'll guide you through the requirements (and licences) that we need to ensure you're fully compliant.

Bird’s eye view of a person typing on a laptop. On top of the laptop screen, sits a white document. Next to the laptop there is a coffee, pen, mobile phone, and more documents.
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2. Payments
Setup Payment Processing

If you’re interested in selling online and processing payments, you must apply for a payment gateway and merchant account.

If you already have an online payment gateway, we may be able to connect to it directly. Please note that in most cases, you are not allowed to use your in-store payment processor. This is not a limitation by us – processors are strict about online alcohol payment processing and will ask for you to apply for a new gateway.

3. Inventory
Sync your Products

For retailers: connect your point of sale (POS) and we’ll automatically sync products over. If we do not support your POS, we’ll find a way to make regular inventory updates.

For producers: send us a complete list of your products and if applicable, include high quality images and tasting notes. We’ll update our master catalog so any retailers that stock your items will also see your updated information.

Graphic of a woman sitting on a bench with a laptop resting on her lap. A text bubble is shown above the laptop with two wine bottles. Next to the bottles are progressbar signifying a sync job.
Graphic of a man sitting at a desk and holding a mobile phone. Two large to-do lists are shown as bubbles emitting from the man’s phone. On the bubble on the right, the title reads ‘Shipping Options’

4. Fulfillment
Configure Delivery & Shipping

Pickup, local delivery, and shipping – are all supported out of the box. Our team will work with you to configure your carriers, shipping rates, delivery zones and fee structures.

For retailers: Integrate as many fulfillment channels as possible to reach as many customers as possible.

For producers: Leverage the store locator feature to help prospective customers find your products at nearby retail stores. Plus, leverage DTC (direct to consumer) shipping to maximize sales.

5. Go Live
Start Selling Online

Your store is ready to go live! Even once your website is live, our dedicated team will continue to support your growing business.

  • Dedicated account manager.
  • On-going technical support.
  • Products and inventory are refreshed regularly.
  • Periodic compliance check-ins.
  • Recommendations on how to maximize digital sales.
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