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Ecommerce that grows your alcohol brand.

Bring your alcohol brand online through a custom and truly personalized ecommerce website. Tap into DTC shipping and a product locator feature to maximize sales while staying fully compliant.

  •  Custom-built ecommerce website.
  •  3-tier and state compliant.
  •  100% built, hosted & managed for you.
Custom winery ecommerce website is displayed on a computer screen. The logo is ‘Winery’ with a large purple W and a grape icon in the middle of the letter. A small text says ‘established 2019’ below it. In the main section of the website are several image banners. The primary banner shows rolling hills of vineyards with a black overlay with white text, ‘Shop local wine.’ Below the banner is a horizontal list of top selling wine bottles. On the right side of the computer screen, is a mobile phone outline that displays the same website on the screen to show that the website is fully responsive.
A whiskey’s producer website is displayed within a tablet outline. At the top, is an image of a whiskey bottle sitting on top of a barrel with a glass of whiskey next to it. Below the image is a panel of best sellers with a series of whiskey bottle products and associated prices.

A website that reflects your brand and its personality.

Whether you're a multi-national brand or a micro-brewery, your online store is an extension of you. Our team will work with you directly to customize your alcohol ecommerce website and reflect your brand’s unique style.

Website Customization
Showcase your brand’s personality through a custom-developed website. Our team will personalize your ecommerce store to make it feel truly yours.
Personalized Product Pages
Highlight the features that make your products unique with customized product pages.
Integrated Instagram Feed
Connect your instagram account and display your latest instagram posts.
Sell Directly Online
If you are ready to sell your products online, we’ll get you all setup to process payments and fulfill orders.

Integrated DTC solution while remaining 3-tier compliant.

Ship direct to customers (DTC) while staying fully compliant. Our team will walk you through the compliance requirements to ship and configure your shipping regions.

  •  Shipping rates are calculated in real time.
  •  Connect your Fedex or UPS account for discounted rates.
  •  Taxes are calculated at checkout through a trusted 3rd party service.
  •  Assistance with monthly tax reporting is available (please inquire)
Graphic of a delivery person handing over a package to a woman who is in the process of signing off for the package on a clipboard. In the background, a maroon motorcycle is parked.

Product Locator.
Help your customers find your alcohol products instantly.

Upload a list of all the stores, restaurants, and venues that sell your products and Liquor Pilot generates an interactive map locator widget. Prospective customers can then enter their address and instantly see where they can buy your products.

Graphic of a woman sitting on a stool and looking at a mobile phone in her hands. In the background is a giant map with a large red indicator showing the destination. A dashed line goes from the red indicator pin to a house to showcase the product locator feature.
Get Started

Built, hosted and managed for you.

Liquor Pilot handles all aspects of your brand's website and ecommerce store.
So you can continue to market your brand and produce awesome products.

Liquor Pilot Builds

Liquor Pilot builds everything for you. From customizing your website, creating unique product pages and helping you get setup for direct to consumer shipping. 

Liquor Pilot Hosts

No more web designers, tech support or hosting companies. We host, secure and monitor your website and ecommerce store to ensure it's running 24/7.

Liquor Pilot Manages

Liquor Pilot manages your website, security and even makes updates and changes for you. Need something updated? Just reach out. 

Your Brand Grows

Leverage your new website and online store for your brand's digital expansion. Through DTC shipping, you can start getting your bottles direct into your customers' hands.

Pricing for Producers & Brands

For distilleries, wineries and breweries.

Starting From $400 / month.

Includes everything you need
to promote and sell your brand online.

  • Includes custom setup & development
  • Offer DTC shipping and more
  • Product locator map for your brand
  • 3 Tier compliant eCommerce (US)
  • Retain and own all customer data
  • 100% built, hosted & managed for you

Frequently Asked Questions

No – but maybe one day! We are only a software provider. As a brand, you are responsible for distribution and shipping.
Anytime a user arrives on your website they will be greeted with a popup where they must confirm their age. During sign up, a user must enter their birthday. And finally, during checkout, the same user must reconfirm that they are of minimum age to buy alcohol.
Absolutely! We have a list of states that wineries, breweries, and distillers can ship to. Please contact us and we’d be happy to share the guide with you.
Please contact us. Depending on your use case, we may be able to connect to it directly.
No. We're entirely behind the scenes to help your business grow online. Your customers remain yours and any new customers will only see your branded store.
Liquor Pilot sends you a notification via email and/or fax. SMS will be supported soon.
Fedex and UPS. If you require support for additional carriers, please contact us.
Yes - 100%. A personalized website that highlights your products and shares your story drives brand awareness. More importantly, your website is always ecommerce ready. So if you ever decide to offer shipping, you’ll be ready.
Yes. This is a great use case. Alternatively, we can integrate your branded web pages into your Liquor Pilot website. Both approaches work.
Yes. We already support syncing for retailers. We can very easily do the same for you.
Reach out to us and we'll work with you on finding the best way to migrate you to our platform. Liquor Pilot supports migration from all major platforms.

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