Dedicated wine & liquor ecommerce for retailers.

The only ecommerce (online store) solution guaranteed and tested to drive liquor, wine and beer sales online. Or you don't pay a cent.

  •  Personalized ecommerce (online store) website
  •  57,000+ products ready to match.
  •  Shipping, local delivery and pickup ready.
An ecommerce website for a wine store is displayed on a laptop. The logo is ‘winestore’ and has two bottles of wine. Within the website, a large banner image is shown where a man is pouring a woman red wine into a glass. Below the banner image are product categories. On the right side, a mobile phone overlaps the laptop and shows a responsive (scaled down view) of the ecommerce website.

Online alcohol sales grew by 42% last year.

Alcohol ecommerce grew by 42%* in 2020 and is forecast to become the largest beverage alcohol ecommerce market by 2021 (US).

A wine store’s ecommerce website is shown on a tablet. The logo at the top left is for ‘winestore’ and shows two wine bottles. In the middle, are banner images and the primary banner image is a of wine bottles stocked on a shelf. Below the banners are product category tiles and at the very bottom are a series of top selling wine products. On top of the image, are two callouts. (1) ‘your branding’ calls out the logo and branding customization; and (2) ‘your bottles’ highlights the products shown at the bottom.

A personalized website & online store that reflects your store's brand.

Whether you're a boutique wine shop or large liquor store, your online store is an extension of you. Our team will import your products and customize your website to reflect your store's unique style.

Your Branding
We'll personalize your website’s colors, logo, and branding to make it feel truly yours.
Your Bottles
We import all your products, so you can decide if you list a selected range or all online.
Your Customers
You own all your customer data - from payment information to purchase history.

Product listings
made for alcohol retail.

Accurate and complete product data helps your customers find the bottles they love. With a library of more than 57,000+ products, Liquor Pilot's extensive database includes high quality product images, tasting notes, grape composition and more.

An example wine product listing is displayed on a phone on the right. The product listing has a high quality image, brand, product name, and variant and pricing. Callouts of the high quality image, brand & bottle, and variant & pricing are shown in black. To the left of the listing, is another phone that shows the bottom half of the product listing and shows the bottle description, tasting nots and technical specs. The description, tasting notes, and product specs all are listed a black callouts to highlight the features.

Built, hosted and managed for you.

Liquor Pilot handles all aspects of your ecommerce online store.
All you need to do is process and fulfill your growing online orders.

Liquor Pilot Builds

Liquor Pilot builds everything for you. From matching your brand to ensuring your inventory syncs online and is ready for purchase. Customizations? No problem.

Liquor Pilot Hosts

No more web designers, tech support or hosting companies. We host, secure and monitor your eCommerce store to ensure it's running 24/7.

Liquor Pilot Manages

Liquor Pilot manages your product listings, security and website for you. Simply keep your Point of Sale up to date and we will take care of the rest. 

You Fulfill & Grow

The only (and most exciting) part is on you. Use our simple admin portal to fulfill your growing customers’ orders.

Sync your Point of Sale to your online inventory.

Liquor Pilot makes it easier than ever to get your entire inventory online. Synced directly from your point of sale and matched to our product library, your products, stock levels and pricing are always up to date.

Diagram showing Liquor Pilot’s sync process. Three icons are shown. On the left is the Point of sale (POS), computer servers are shown in the middle, and your website (icon of a computer). An arrow connects the POS to the servers from left to right. And two arrows connects the server to the website (one arrow from left to right and another from right to left) to signify a two way sync between the servers to the website.
A graphic of a woman sitting on a couch with a laptop. In the background behind the woman is a large website showing wine bottles and a search bar.

Features built for 

alcohol ecommerce.

Liquor Pilot’s ecommerce platform offers all the tools needed to run a successful liquor or wine store online.

In-store & Curbside Pickup
Convenient and safe ordering.
Ship via local carrier or nationally. Connect your Fedex or UPS account for discounted rates.
Local Delivery
Configure a radius or custom delivery zones. Set a minimum subtotal and/or delivery fee.
Delivery through Postmates
Integrate with Postmates and offer 1-hour local delivery to your customers.
Tax Compliance
Taxes are calculated at checkout through a trusted 3rd party service.
Order Adjustments
Manage item swaps and order adjustments right out of the box.

Pricing for Retailers

For liquor, wine and beer stores.


Includes everything you need
for a high converting online store that sells, customized to your business.

  • Includes setup and personalization
  • Offer shipping, delivery & pick up
  • Sync your inventory online
  • Fully compliant
  • Retain and own all customer data
  • 100% built, hosted & managed for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Setup and website personalization is included. Our team will work with you to make your online store feel truly yours.
Liquor Pilot. If you have products/skus that need to be added (not already in our extensive product library) we'll add them for you to ensure the quality and consistency in product listings.
No. We're entirely behind the scenes to help your business grow online. Your customers remain yours and any new customers will only see your branding and store/business.
Probably! If we don’t already integrate directly we can find another way to pull your inventory.
Liquor Pilot sends you a notification via email and/or fax. SMS will be supported soon.
Yes, 100%. Customer's love being able to browse and order online for quick pickup. You can also add delivery with our Postmates integration, opening up more options for your customers.
Reach out to us and we'll work with you on finding the best way to migrate you to our platform. Liquor Pilot supports migration from all major platforms.
Probably! If we don’t already integrate directly we can find another way to pull your inventory.

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